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About Us

TasBest is a Tasmanian business collective which began its activity late in the year of 2011. The ‘Collective’ emerged as a result of some very searching and significant attitudinal research which took place across the entire state in July/September 2011. The outcomes from that research formed the catalyst for TasBest’s emergence and we continue to grow regardless of the current state of the Tasmanian economy and the sad lack of confidence abroad in our community.

TasBest consists of many and varied businesses from all parts of the state and covers many different industries. It is NOT a statutory body nor does it seek to compete with, or take the place of the existing business Chambers and Institutes which claim small business as their own. Rather TasBest is a democratic Collective of businesses who simply wish to challenge Tasmanians to do business with Tasmanians, to do business with each other and not only protect but grow the jobs base in Tasmania… particularly for young people.

A TasBest company is not necessarily selling cheap prices or special offers - we simply and proudly offer everything best in Tasmania, by Tasmanians, for Tasmanians!

When you enter a TasBest business, you know it’s exclusively Tasmanian... and proud of it.